Continuous Legal Support

You do not have neither your own lawyer nor legal department?

Your Goal

In-house documents, contracts, labour law or data protection — a wide range of legal services is part of a company’s everyday operations. You strive to implement the highest income-generating and most cost-effective contracts and to protect your company’s interests. Hiring your own lawyer for each case would be impractical as legal needs can differ widely in their scope and nature and may require both routine work and more complicated legal solutions. Your concerns include timely information delivery, proper document management and budget constraints.

Our Tactics

JURIDICON offers a complete team of lawyers with more than a decade of experience who are ready to help you as needed. We mainly work with international and global brands, including one Fortune500 company. Our clients also include SMEs in the IT, pharmaceutical, trade (both wholesale and retail), services and manufacturing sectors as well as several groups of companies.

Our legal team has the capacity to adapt smoothly to the everyday tempo of your company. We have an entire team of experienced lawyers who will analyse your business quickly and respond armed with the right knowledge, document management skills and customer service systems. To make appropriate business decisions, legal risks are identified on both a macro and a micro level and the relevant proposals to respond to these are presented to you:

As client of our continuous legal support service, you will always have access to a reliable team to use at your discretion. We will solve your legal questions in a professional manner and avoid unnecessary complexity. The service fees are transparent from the very outset and you will have your team of lawyers at a fixed price to be paid monthly.

Before we start providing the continuous legal support service, we always carry out a legal review (due diligence) of corporate documents.

In cooperation with our partners overseas, we can also provide continuous legal services to your companies (both trading companies and holdings) abroad. 

Your Outcome

Your highest revenue-generating, most cost-effective and strategic business contracts prioritised and fully implemented, your budgets fulfilled and corporate interests protected (litigation, data and privacy protection, intellectual property, compliance).