Our lawyers' strive to ensure that real estate transactions, irrespective of whether the property is for sale, already bought, exchanged or otherwise assigned, are performed in such a way that our clients benefit from the maximum advantage and that risks are minimised.  In our decade of practice, we have helped to conclude hundreds of real estate transactions and so we are able to reliably forecast potential scenarios for current and future clients. Because we are able to identify potential problems, we can offer our clients the best ways to resolve them. Our team of real estate lawyers represent clients in, among other things, concluding purchases or sales, leases, contractual mortgage agreements and issues where the property is pledged or mortgaged. Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams and work closely with you throughout the entire process.

Real estate sales make up one of the most common types of transaction in civil society. Buying real estate is often not just about the purchase of a home but an investment. Everyone who has bought or sold a house knows that the process of buying or selling real estate can be complicated, lengthy and stressful. Although the selection of accommodation or other property and deciding upon the best form of financing may not be difficult, a propertys drawbacks, last minute amendments to the sales agreement or unexpected issues can cause stress and worry. To be able to conclude a house sale or purchase, its essential to use reliable legal help.

We can help you in all cases related to real estate purchase and sales including:

  • Advising on all matters related to real estate transactions
  • Advising on matters related to real estate management
  • Drafting of all documents when buying, selling or otherwise assigning real estate
  • Counselling on matters related to property pledging and mortgaging
  • Representing clients in concluding all types of real estate transactions
  • Representing clients in public and private institutions, companies and organisations
  • Representing clients and offering assistance in performing all contractual obligations
  • Assistance in choosing a financing method
  • Assessment and management of tax risks
  • Representation in property inspection prior to signing transfer-acceptance statements
  • Representation in cases related to real estate