It does not matter whether you want:

  • to improve the quality of your goods or services
  • to carry out your activities more efficiently
  • to establish new commercial relationships
  • to expand your activities
  • to enter new markets

or you are simply looking for high-quality legal advice – Juridiconspecialists will be able to help you with  these and many other matters. Lawyers employed at this law firm have a rich and diverse range of experience in  commercial law and so are able to advise clients on all matters associated with business and trade transactions as well as related aspects. A company may require a wide range of general advisory services from a lawyer and our firm is able to provide all of these as well as offering high-quality specialised services in commercial law covering such areas as commercial and intellectual property, trademarks, copyright, licensing, franchises, distribution and joint activities (partnership). We serve both local and foreign clients and so our experts’ experience of business law encompasses counselling when concluding both simple and complex international commercial transactions in such areas as international trade, mass media, pharmacy, technology, innovation and construction.