Currently the Firm provides legal services to the Lithuanian Samaritan Community (LSC) pro bono. The Lithuanian Samaritan Community (LSC) is a non-governmental charitable organization engaged in implementation of social, care, support, integration, psychological rehabilitation programmes as well as day care centre and children summer occupation programmes, etc. LSC was established two years following restoration of the Lithuanian Independence, i.e. on 25 January 1992. Concern about high-degree poverty suffered by people, depersonalization as the aftermath of the Soviet Union, brought together a group of 47 people determined to establish an organization aiming to work for the benefit of the Lithuanian society.

Please visit the website of theLithuanian Samaritan [Community]

The Law Firm is also involved in a variety of social projects, activities of the Lithuanian Taxpayers’ Association, including suggestions for improvement of legislations. The Firm also contributed to publication of one science paper, professional growth of junior lawyers.

Volunteering is a unique part of professional activities of all team members of the Law Firm. We always do our best to help whenever we can spare some time after showing our affections to our loved ones and whenever we manage to squeeze in some time for assistance on our project, case, and assignment schedules. We do feel that the need for support is just as important as our desire to provide it.