Actions speak louder than words and we always act in the service of your business’s interests. We work directly for you and devote our energy to meeting or exceeding your expectations, all while avoiding pointless assignments that do not create any value.

We are an organisation that learns from its experience and is committed to continual improvement. This has always been our ethos. We did not rest on our laurels in 2009 when we were ranked among Lithuania’s 14 leading companies at the Knowledge Economy Companies Awards, but have continued to develop and improve every year since. We have put in place and employed integrated inquiry processing and customer service solutions, as well as state-of-the-art and industry-standard assignment, project (file), document and quality management systems. We apply a rigorous internal control and internal review programme and optimise our processes constantly.

To ensure that we give the right advice to our clients and to guarantee faster, more accurate and effective delivery, we have developed and upgraded our knowledge management system which is used by every lawyer in our firm. The system allows every lawyer dealing with a client’s legal and business problems to draw on the firm’s in-house know-how and reuse information that has already been collected, stored, collated and shared in previous assignments. This allows us to offer a fast and professional response to our clients, wasting nobody’s time in the process of information-gathering.

Before starting work on an assignment, we will give you a letter of commitment containing the following information:

  1. the legal services we will provide
  2. the person in charge of your assignment
  3. the method of calculating fees for our services
  4. preliminary information on the projected total costs (fixed fee, approximate preliminary estimate or cost range options)
  5. our complaints procedure

As our client, you will have access to the same data and information that is used by our lawyers in real time. After logging on, you can have a discussion with us; observe how your projects and assignments are being implemented; learn about their progress and status; find all your documents in an integrated document management system and provide your feedback; read publications prepared by JURIDICON lawyers in our knowledge base; and read samples of various relevant documents and selected case law. The text messaging feature will connect you with your lawyers even faster and with greater confidentiality, whether that is to discuss a document or to get answers to questions that concern you.

We believe that in order to maximise the effectiveness of our client relationships, we have to cooperate more as partners rather than simply as clients and lawyers. Since most of our clients have business goals overseas, we encourage them to contact our international partner offices directly.

Attorney-at-law Laimonas Marcinkevičius, JURIDICON’S leading partner, is responsible for the implementation and improvement of the firm’s methods and the supervision and control of its processes.