2014-01-08 18:00
  • We provided consultancy to a client on issues of qualification of salaries of employees working at its permanent headquarters in Lithuania as class A/B income and related tax issues.
  • We provided consultancy to a Lithuanian company engaged in real estate management and development on issues of establishment and registration of permanent headquarters abroad and provided the client with comprehensive legal assistance in registering the client’s permanent headquarters abroad and registering the client as a VAT payer in the relevant foreign country.
  • We provided consultancy to a client on issues of operation of permanent headquarters of a foreign company acting through a dependent representative in Lithuania, grounds and time of registration of the headquarters, and address of the headquarters.
  • We provided consultancy to a foreign capital company engaged in car rental on issues of VAT payment (on car rental, supply of new and used cars to an EU member state, car maintenance service VAT), associated tax risks, and measures aimed at eliminating the risks.
  • We provided consultancy to the Lithuanian division of a Swiss company on issues of labour and social security law, including tax-related consequences of payment of allowances to the head of administration who was on a maternity leave.
  • We provided consultancy to a Latvian company on the conditions and risks associated with the refund of VAT from the Lithuanian national budget and drafted the required documents and explanations for the tax administrator. The entire amount of VAT requested was refunded to the company.
  • We provided consultancy to a client and drafted the required documents to apply to Lithuanian and foreign tax administrators in connection with imposition of income and value added taxes on the client’s permanent headquarters in Lithuania, including issues such as allowed deductions, avoidance of double taxation, and documents to be submitted to tax administrators.
  • We provided consultancy to the Lithuanian branch of a foreign company on the opportunities of deduction of VAT paid in Lithuania or recognising the VAT as profit tax costs.
  • We provided consultancy to a client on issues of proper formalisation of premises rental from an individual to a legal entity, the civil status of the fit-out and repair costs of the rented property (removable and non-removable improvements), and major improvements to the rented property as well as tax-related consequences of the return of materially improved property for the parties (including possible tax imposition on the increased value of the property for the tenant and opportunities and time periods for qualifying and restrictions on qualification of lessor costs that extend the term of service of the property or materially improve the property as costs) and prepared a draft agreement for properly formalising the actual state of the property.
  • We provided consultancy to Lithuanian and foreign citizens residing and/or working in Lithuania and abroad on taxes imposable and not imposable in Lithuania on income earned abroad (including taxes imposable in Lithuania on income generated by sale of securities obtained abroad and avoidance of double taxation), proper formalisation of deals substantiating the receipt of income (service agreements and employment agreements), inappropriate formalisation and associated tax-related risks due to simultaneous engagement in materially different types of activity (agency services in the field of real estate and professional investment of securities), formalisation and tax-related particularities, and annual declaration of income, including completion of declarations and their submission to the State Tax Inspectorate together with the required supporting documents.
  • We provided consultancy to an individual engaged in real estate rental under a business certificate on the opportunity to employ an employee to perform this activity, the related formalities, liability of the employer and tax-related consequences.
  • We provided consultancy to a client on issues of formalisation of transfer by gift of tangible shares of a joint stock company (including the notarial form of the transfer by gift, share transfer endorsements in tangible shares, transfer by gift of shares to underage individuals, possible restrictions on subsequent transfer of the shares and tax-related consequences and risks) and drafted a package of documents required for the transfer, based on which the transfer by gift of the shares was successfully formalised.