Article about corporate taxes and their changes in Lithuania in 2015 was published

2015-01-29 20:45
Tax news

Our tax attorney-at-law Laimonas Marcinkevičius drew up an article on business taxes in Lithuania which was published in the 2015 edition of International Comparative Legal Guide to: Corporate Tax.

The legal guide is designed for business representatives and practising lawyers who are interested in the regulation of business tax internationally. Questions and answers reveal concentrated information on the most relevant tax problems for international business such as the validity and meaning of international double taxation agreements, main principles of taxation, rates and repayment of indirect taxes (VAT, excise duties, etc.) to foreign entities, taxation of profits of local businesses, dividends paid to foreign entities, interest and author's fees, including applicable privileges and restrictions (investment project, transfer of losses within group companies, thin capitalisation, transaction pricing, arm’s-length principle, target territories, etc.); taxation of transfers of property, including shares (participation exemption) and other tax issues. 

The group of legal experts working on the 2015 guide was very large as the corporate taxes reviewed there apply in as many as 41 countries. We hope information provided in the publication will help in taking the most efficient decisions.

The Juridicon article and publications about the other 41 countries can be found here. The publication has been linked under permission of Global Legal Group Ltd, London.

You can find our article here