Juridicon launched website for proactive legal services

2017-12-27 09:15
Legal news launched - new approach to the provision of legal services in Lithuania

We are pleased to announce that has been launched. is a new website developed by the Juridicon Law Firm and designed to provide proactive legal services based on proactive risk assessment for businesses in Lithuania. This is a new approach to the provision of legal services in Lithuania, as currently the legal industry is predominately aimed at the provision of legal services focused on dispute resolution, but not dispute prevention. It is also a new tool designed to not only identify legal non-compliance issues, weaknesses and risks, but also to suggest corrective actions and to improve the business clients’ experiences in purchasing and enjoying legal services. The main areas of Teisinerizika,kt - Data Protection and GDPR, Protection of trade secrets and other confidential information, Employment law and others.

A preliminary report on potential legal non-compliance issues and a risk assessment along with possible corrective actions will be provided to the interested party free of charge within 24 hours after the request submission. 

These assessments are carried out by lawyers of the Juridicon law firm and their colleagues, with whom the firm cooperates and who have proven to be professionals in their fields of expertise. In addition, insights related to the areas of legal compliance and business risk management are also periodically published on the website.

ALLAW® Legal Process and Document Management System helps visitors to order and manage their legal services

Moreover, if an interested party wishes to use the ALLAW® Legal Process and Document Management System, they are able to choose a relevant legal service à la carte. After the service has been selected, a fixed price for it is computed immediately and the interested party is able to order the service online. The legal services could be provided online or in person, as there is also an opportunity to schedule a meeting at the office. A meeting in person is advisable in cases, when a client would like to become better acquainted with the person, who is potentially going to be responsible for managing their affairs. Also, a tete-à-tete meeting contributes to the strengthening of the high spirits of the legal project team and simplifies the process of communication and provision of legal services on the Internet as well as online. Afterwards, the client is able to continue to manage their legal processes and documentation via the Internet, by using ALLAW® Legal Process and Document Management System.

ALLAW® business clients are able to use limited access content of free of charge perfectly supplements the functions of ALLAW® Legal Process and Document Management System for Legal Business Compliance and Risk Management. We invite ALLAW® business clients to fill in our elaborate questionnaire on compliance and risk assessment and to learn about the possible corrective actions for their businesses fast and free of charge. Also, ALLAW® clients have the ability to become familiar with limited access content that provides specific advice and tools to manage legal risks free of charge.

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